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Nestled among the colonial homes of Litchfield county, this classic modernist home was a new canvas for Imagine Design.  Its history was more recent, but nonetheless significant--although its clean, minimalist lines were on the verge of decay after years of standing empty.


With characteristic respect for the vision of the original designer--the renovation honors the spare geometries of the low slung design, now in vogue again because of the way it harmonizes with the landscape.  Sliding glass doors and a wrap around deck open the home to its glorious surroundings; the woods and mountains of Litchfield County.


Outside, stone walkways, new plantings, and a new patio complement the simple geometries of house and garage.  Period light fixtures, furniture and even an old pop art ice bucket that we found in the house were preserved and used in the restoration.  And modern comforts--spa bathrooms, sauna, and a gourmet kitchen complete the picture.

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