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Over the years, we learned that the best way to communicate our vision for the homes we build was to show them fully furnished and decorated down to the last detail.  And so we began to comb flea markets, consignment shops and antiques fairs for the perfect blend of furniture styles and accessories to complement each home, building an impressive inventory of unique pieces along the way.


The result was so satisfying that often we have ended up selling our homes fully furnished. As word of Imagine Design’s unique and eclectic decorating spread, we began to get requests from developers, realtors, and homeowners to add staging to our list of client services, and so we have!


Whether you are selling, renting, or simply in need of an artist’s eye to bring together a room or provide the perfect prop for a photo shoot, Imagine Design will bring the same talent, energy, years of experience, and eye for the perfect detail evident in their homes, to your project.  Sometimes, as we have learned it’s the little things that provide the visual and emotional magic your home needs. 

Staging Decorating
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