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“God is in the details” the architect Mies van der Rohe famously said.  Something every true craftsman knows.  Whether it’s the unique design of a staircase, the way rough-hewn timbers frame a room or the perfect dovetail joint, it is attention to detail that makes woodworking an art.  And it’s that attention to detail, as well as the obvious joy he takes in his work, that makes Robert Pidkameny the perfect person to turn to for projects large and small.


Robert Pidkameny’s training as a maker of fine cabinetry is apparent in every Imagine Design project.  Each kitchen, library, and staircase is designed and built by a team of cabinet makers and installed with the same care.  Apparent too, the artist’s eye; Pidkameny’s love of color and design is visible in every project, with beautiful wood often complemented by his own decorative finishes and hand-painted furniture.


Whether it’s design, construction, or installation of a kitchen, a wine cellar, or a sauna--or reimagining an entire home--Imagine Design brings experience, craft and creative solutions to fit every need.

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