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What is home?  YANKEE MODERN has beautifully imagined and crafted an answer to this age old question.  Our latest project pairs enduring, classic New England architecture with smart, modern technology. 

As one approaches this modern farmhouse, it presents a classic colonial vernacular.  Step inside and a bucolic landscape is revealed through a large window wall in the Great Room.  Oversize windows and an open interior floor plan allow for abundant light and views to the natural surroundings; open fields, wooded glens, and distant Litchfield County vistas. 

The home’s proportions are generous, particularly in the public spaces on each of its three levels.  With its four bedrooms and home office spaces, it was designed with a forward thinking approach: smart home controls to automate heating/ cooling, appliances and lighting. A high efficiency EPA certified wood stove and eco friendly materials are featured in its many details. 


Now more than ever, where we shelter takes on a deeper meaning as a place to gather with family and close friends.  Each design element in YANKEE MODERN is carefully contemplated and geared to satisfy what we all hope for when seeking someplace to live; it looks and feels like home.

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